Meet The Team

Our vision for the future

Our vision is a world where the majority of people in our area know we exist, and they trust the financial options and education we provide. This is a world where everyday people can experience the freedom of choice and peace of mind that having savings and access to affordable loans provides. On this journey, our members will grow, we will grow, and they will profit.

Our mission today

As part of the Credit Union family, our mission is all about the supportive encouragement of regular savings and providing access to affordable loans. We offer fair products and fair prices for the mutual benefit of our local members. We welcome them at times of crisis and times of opportunity throughout their lives. We serve everyone with professional standards and personal service delivery that keeps-up with changing needs and new technologies.

The Leadership Team

As a member-owned organisation Citysave Credit Union has a volunteer Board of Directors in place, that shapes the strategic direction of the organisation.
Citysave Credit Union Board members give up their time and carry out duties for no payment. The day to day management and operations are delegated to the
staff of Citysave.

The Board remains ultimately responsible for ensuring the Credit Union is well managed and operates within the law and all applicable Financial conduct regulations.

Directors are elected annually by the membership at the Annual General Meeting and they are elected for a term of three years. It is the duty of every Director to act in the interests of the members of Citysave Credit Union and to safeguard the assets of the Credit Union.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) must approve nominated directors holding Senior managers regime positions before they are able to take formal office.