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UK wide savings account with monthly prizes open to all members

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Saving feels good. Winning feels great!

Citysave credit union wants to encourage people to save regularly. The PrizeSaver account is a UK wide credit union savings account with monthly prizes open to all our members.

By opening an account, you can enter a prize draw every month.
The prize pot is split into 21 monthly prizes up to £5,000!
– 1 prize of £5,000
– 10 prizes of £50
– 10 prizes of £20

Read winner stories on the PrizeSaver website.

How does the PrizeSaver work?

How does the prize saver work?
– Every £1 in your Prize Saver account enters you into the monthly draw (up to £200)
– Prize saver account holders are automatically entered into the draw every month
– You can have up to 200 entries per month
So the more you save, the more chance you have to WIN!


What are the PrizeSaver terms and conditions?

Click here to view the PrizeSaver terms and conditions.

Do you have winner stories?

Click here to view our winner stories.

Am I eligible for a PrizeSaver account?

You must be a member and pass our account opening checks to be eligible for an account. Opening account is easy and quick to do online. You will be encouraged to have an active savings plan in place, no matter how small, as part of your membership.

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