Citysave Credit Union Launches Exciting PrizeSaver Scheme, Encouraging Members to Save and Win

Citysave Credit Union Launches Exciting PrizeSaver Scheme, Encouraging Members to Save and Win
January 25, 2024 Sam

Citysave Credit Union is thrilled to announce the official launch of the PrizeSaver scheme, a unique savings initiative designed to empower members to start saving small while offering the chance to win fantastic prizes every month.

PrizeSaver operates on a simple yet rewarding principle: for every £1 saved in a member’s account at the end of each month, they will receive one automatic entry into the following month’s prize draw. Members have the flexibility to enter up to 200 times per month, enhancing their chances of winning exciting prizes. The headline prize stands at an impressive £5,000, making dreams of financial milestones a reality. Additionally, there are 10 smaller prizes of £50 and 10 prizes of £20, ensuring a diverse range of winners each month.

Citysave Credit Union is committed to providing a secure environment for its members’ savings. The PrizeSaver scheme assures participants that their money is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, covering deposits up to £85,000. Members can save with confidence, knowing that their funds are safeguarded against unforeseen circumstances.

Commenting on the launch of PrizeSaver, Sean Lynch, CEO at Citysave Credit Union, said, “The Money and Pension Service has a 10 year strategy that is trying to get 2 million more working-age ‘struggling’ and ‘squeezed’ people saving regularly. I believe that Citysave, with its own vision and mission, is perfectly aligned to support that strategy. The PrizeSaver is a great way to drive behavioral change in people who may not have saved before. Financial resilience and the need for savings to fall back on is a well rehearsed issue. The key is motivating that change and I believe that is what this scheme sets out to deliver.” 

Citysave Credit Union invites both existing and new members to join the PrizeSaver scheme, turning the act of saving into an exciting and rewarding experience. For more information about Citysave Credit Union and the PrizeSaver scheme, please visit