Citysave Board of Directors

As a member-owned organisation Citysave Credit Union has a volunteer Board of Directors in place, that shapes the strategic direction of the organisation.

Citysave Credit Union Board members give up their time and carry out duties for no payment. The day to day management and operations are delegated to the Chief Executive Officer, the management and staff of Citysave.

The Board remains ultimately responsible for ensuring the Credit Union is well managed and operates within the law and agreed budgets.

Directors are elected annually by the membership at the Annual General Meeting and they are elected for a term of three years. It is the duty of every Director to act in the interests of the members of Citysave Credit Union and to safeguard the assets of the Credit Union.

Board of Directors

We are seeking additional directors who will assist in directing strategy for the organisation. In particular we are seeking directors with legal or banking backgrounds, and experience in third sector organisations. Nominees will be required to submit details of their skills and abilities for the Board to assess. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) must approve all nominated directors before they are able to take formal office. For an application please email

Andy Carswell - Chair

Andy became a member of Citysave in 2012 and was appointed to the Board in 2015. He has worked in the banking industry for over 30 years and is experienced in risk management and governance. In addition he is Chair of governors for a local primary school as well as being a CAP Money coach

Dianne Beddows - Vice Chair

Dianne was appointed to the board in 2011, having recently retired as group health & safety manager for a large social enterprise. She is part of the personnel committee.

Jill Curtis  - Treasurer

Jill brings almost 30 years of audit and finance expertise, including tax and FSA Compliance officer matters. Jill is a qualified Accountant and has built her career in large auditor organisations, and has for the past 12 years been a director of a Corporate Finance Company in Birmingham.

Ricky Joseph (MSc, PhD) 

Ricky was appointed to the board in 2011 and is a former Chair of Citysave. Ricky has worked as a housing practitioner and researcher in the local government, voluntary and higher education sectors.  He has been a trustee of housing associations and is a board member of BVSC. He has a passionate interest in the role of credit unions  in offering affordable products and services to groups who might otherwise experience financial exclusion.

Annette King

Annette was elected to the board in 2009. She was elected by the board to the post of President and Chair in October 2009. Annette brings considerable expertise in PR and IT, and has been able to support our development of the website and technical services. Working for Digital Birmingham, Annette is well connected and well known in the city. Annette brings enthusiasm and as a member of over 20 years, she is committed to developing Citysave for the wider benefit of members.

Gemma Coxsey

Gemma brings experience in personal banking, customer service and legal expertise, and is also involved with a local community charity.She brings a focus on member service and enhancing our work in the community.

David Clarke

David was elected to the Board of Citysave in 2016, having become a member in 2012. He runs a sales company within the garden retail industry. David is a Member-Delegate and FCA-authorised Introducer Appointed Representative of a friendly society which provides savings and investment products.

Since the change in legislation and to better meet our obligations in governance of Citysave, the board have ceased to appoint a volunteer supervisory committee. A wider scope has been developed for internal auditors.