Due to a technical issue outside of our control some staff have limited access to our systems.

This may cause delays on when calling the office as well as our turnaround time on loan applications. We are working with our partners to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

If you simply wish to check your balance and make a share withdrawal, please register for our online members area using the link below.

To simply check you balance, you can text the word ‘savings’ to 80800




How much does it cost?

Transactions are FREE

Membership costs 75p per quarter

How do I save?

The easiest way is via a deduction from your pay. Citysave will take your instructions and inform your Employer (subject to your Employer being a Citysave partner).
Alternatively, you can save by standing order payment from your bank. Please quote National insurance number in the payment reference field.

Can I use my regular payroll deduction to borrow money?

Yes – you choose how the regular contribution is used. You can save or borrow to suit your changing circumstances.

How do I get my money out?

Withdrawals can be made direct to your bank account. 2 day BACS payments are free of charge.
Alternatively, we can credit a prepaid Visa “Engage” debit card on the same day you request withdrawal free of charge.

How can I check my balance?

Text the word ‘Savings’ to 80800 and we will text your balance to your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can check your account online or telephone us on 0121 616 6200

Can I have savings pots for different purposes?

Yes – ask us to set up pots for Christmas, holiday or any other purpose.

How safe are my savings with Citysave?

Savings are protected by the Financial services compensation scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000