You must live or work in a Birmingham “B ” postcode or the County of Warwickshire to be eligible to apply.

If you are subject to a bankruptcy order, IVA, debt relief order or have unsatisfied CCJs less than four years old from application on your credit report, Citysave will not offer you a loan

If you work for a Citysave payroll partner employer listed on the application form pick list, your application will be processed as a Payroll loan.

If you are an existing member but not employed by one of our partner employers, or your income is from Benefits, your application will be processed as a Personal loan

If you do not work for a Citysave payroll partner, and are not an existing member of the Credit Union, you are still eligible to apply for a fair priced Welcome loan up to a maximum of £3,000.

Existing members and employees of our payroll partners can apply for loans up to £10,000 and will enjoy fair priced loans. An interest reduction will be applied when members repay loans by salary deduction.

Members are eligible to have more than one loan, but the Credit Union will not accept more than one application in any one month period and will not provide more than two loans to any member at any one time. The maximum total borrowing at any one time is £10,000 per member.