Missed Payment?

We can help

Some of our members experience difficulty repaying their loans due to unforeseen circumstances. Please contact us as soon as possible, and we will do all we can to try to help. We will review your income and expenditure and may restructure your loan if necessary.

We have many members who we support in this way, and once you are back on your feet you can borrow again from us.

If you need to speak to us about making payments to your loan, please contact us on:

Telephone: 0121 616 6200

Email: enquiries@citysave.org.uk

Struggling with Debt?

As we are well aware sometimes your world can turn upside down and suddenly your outstanding credit becomes much more of a burden.

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Information Sheets

If you fall into arrears we will write to you in order to try and rectify the situation.

Each letter will contain the following information sheets:

Next Steps

As we lend our member's money, if we are unable to obtain a suitable re-payment arrangement for any loan accounts in arrears, it is our policy to pursue every member until the outstanding debt has been recovered in full and we will take the below action to recover outstanding monies.

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