Citysave Tenant Account

Your solution to managing Universal Credit

Are you worried about;

  • Having access to an account approved by DWP to receive UC payments?
  • The potential cost of having rent direct debits unpaid by your bank?
  • Managing and settling regular payments to your Landlord?
  • Having clarity about how much money is left after paying your rent?
  • Budgeting and managing your finances over a month?

Would you like;

  • Your UC payment to go directly into a DWP approved account?
  • The rent element of the UC payment to be isolated for payments to the landlord immediately upon receipt?
  • Rent settled monthly to the landlord on your behalf?
  • UC money, minus the rent element, to be available to spend via a VISA payment card?
  • Ability to set spending limits for various monthly costs (food, electricity etc) through a mobile app?
  • Cash rewards from retail spending?

If you have answered yes to these questions then you should consider carefully asking your landlord to agree to sponsor your application for a Citysave tenant account. How the Universal Credit money flows under the Citysave Tenant account is represented here

You can apply for the Citysave Tenant Account here

Please note applications are subject to Landlord agreement and verification of your rent details (amount and reference number). Please indicate on your application if you wish to apply for the associated money management Visa pre-paid card “Engage”

For the full terms and conditions please click here