Citysave Rep

Workplace Volunteer and Citysave Rep Scheme

Citysave operates a Workplace Volunteer scheme to support the effort of some of our members when they refer friends, family and colleagues to join Citysave Credit union.

In a survey conducted by Citysave, we found that over 50% of our members, who responded, found out about Citysave through friends and family. This showed us how valuable the efforts of members are and we want to support and encourage this every step of the way.

How Can I help?

Helping Citysave with this scheme could not be easier!

We have a member of staff dedicated to this scheme; this Support Officer (SO) is the main point of contact here for our Volunteers and Reps. The SO will send you information packs for you to distribute in the community or workplace and is also responsible for sending out monthly updates to ensure that you are fully informed and up to date with all of the latest news and products from Citysave Credit Union.

The main aim is to equip you with full knowledge of Citysave, so that when you do recommend Citysave to your friends and family they have the correct information. We believe that this personal experience and recommendation makes all of the difference when someone is considering joining; although we can promote how easy it is to use Citysave and the advantages of becoming a member you are the one with the experience of:

  • the holiday you saved for
  • the low cost loan you borrowed for home improvements
  • the stress free Christmas or even the new car!

If you would like more information please contact Sean:


Telephone: 0121 616 6200