Citysave Vision

Our Vision

We want to be recognised as a leading UK credit union based on our Operating performance, Regulatory compliance, Governance standards and our reputation for ethical business behaviour.
We want to exercise our obligation to deliver benefit to members by providing excellent member services, returns on deposits which exceed market norms, fair priced loans and an access point for financial guidance.
We want to, through our competencies and market messaging to encourage members to;
Save, borrow and plan for tomorrow

Building our Community

Our community – the common bond is the focus of our efforts and the community is also the sole beneficiary of our accumulated trading surpluses. We build on this principle in the following ways:

Partnership: We will actively seek strategic relationships with key organisations based in the Birmingham & Warwickshire area. We will develop these partnerships to deliver as widely as possible to those who most require our services.

Investment: Our involvement in regional communities is an integral part of our work. We seek to contribute to the community through a broad range of activities.

Development: Our team is our greatest asset. We must invest in ourselves to realise our full potential. Developing our staff, directors and volunteers and bringing out the best in each other is essential. It is the responsibility of each of us to get on with others and demonstrate our support of our colleagues.