Citysave AGM 2020

Citysave AGM 2020
January 25, 2019 Nigel Bailey
Dear Citysave member

Citysave Credit Union would like to invite our members to the AGM on Tuesday 25th February 2020 at: 

The Priory Rooms Meeting & Conference Centre

Quaker Meeting House

40 Bull St


B4 6AF

The meeting will be held from 6:00pm until 8:00pm.

Order of business at the Annual General Meeting will be conducted under Rule 43 of the Credit Unions rule book which can be found at;

Citysave Rule book.pdf

Nominations for Directors

Written nominations for directorship under Rule 51.1 have been received for Andrew Ayres and Malcolm Hayes and for the re-election of David Clarke and Philip Beardmore.

Gemma Coxsey has given notice of her resignation as a Director effective from 25th February 2020

Results for Financial year ending 30th September 2019 (subject to approval of Dividend) can be found at;


Under rule 37 The Directors propose a Dividend of 0.25% on all fully paid shares held during the preceding financial year. Shares held for less than the full year shall be entitled to a proportional part of the dividend.

Voting will take place at  the AGM.

This is an opportunity for our members to meet the team and Board of Citysave Credit Union and hear first-hand about the performance of the Credit Union over the last year.

To help us make appropriate tea and coffee arrangements on the evening of the AGM, it would be helpful, if you wish to attend, to let us know by e-mailing your name/membership number to [email protected]