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Every year we make thousands of loans to members who use them for different purposes such as holidays, cars, bills, credit card debts, computers, home improvements, just about anything!

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We have a range of affordable loans which are tailored to meet your needs. We monitor our rates to ensure that they are competitive with the high street banks.

You will need to supply one months bank statement.

We also require evidence of your income, but once we have all the information for your loan assessment, we aim to come back to you with a decision within two working days.

Convenient choice of ways to repay loans:

  • Payroll deduction from participating local employers

  • Direct Debit to make regular payments

  • Benefits to be transferred



Please note on all our loans:

  • Maximum loan length is 5 Years (2 years if the purpose is for a Holiday)
  • Payments are made by bacs transfer or loaded onto a pre-paid debit card for security purposes.
  • There are no hidden costs - we do not charge any arrangement fees or any repayment penalties on any of our loans.
  • Interest is charged only on the amount still to be repaid.
  • All loans are assessed using a range of appraisal tools determined by the Credit Union as appropriate from time to time.
  • We reserve the right to decline applications.
  • We will credit search all loan applications, and we share credit information with credit reference agencies.
  • Members are eligible to apply for more than one loan, but the Credit Union will not accept more than one application in any 1 month period and will not provide more than 2 loans to any member at any one time.

  • The maximum total borrowing at any one time is £10,000 per member