Full Loan Application

If you wish to apply for a loan from Citysave Credit Union, and complete the full application, you will have a decision usually within two working days, and a member of the team will be in touch.

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Being a member of Citysave Credit Union means you are eligible to take advantage of our loan products. With no arrangement fees or penalties for early repayment, we have a range of affordable loans which are tailored to meet your needs.

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Every year we make thousands of loans to members who use them for different purposes such as holidays, cars, bills, credit card debts, computers, home improvements, just about anything!

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We have a range of affordable loans which are tailored to meet your needs. We monitor our rates to ensure that they are competitive with the high street banks.

You will need to supply one months bank statement.

We also require evidence of your income, but once we have all the information for your loan assessment, we aim to come back to you with a decision within two working days.

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The amount of money available to the Credit Union for the purpose of making loans to members may vary from time to time, to ensure the Union maintains its regulatory obligations and general obligations to its existing core members. Should it be necessary to restrict lending at any point in time, the Credit Union will prioritise applications from Members with a savings history.

2016 saw savings balances at Citysave reach record levels. The Credit Union has very strong liquidity and as a result we are pleased to invite applications for loans from non-members up to a maximum of £5,000. Such applicants must apply for Credit union savings membership at the same time as applying for a loan. Members can apply for loans up to £10,000 and will continue to enjoy discounted interest rates on loans and a further discount will be applied when members repay loans by salary deduction.

Members are eligible to have more than one loan, but the Credit Union will not accept more than one application in any one month period and will not provide more than two loans to any member at any one time. The maximum total borrowing at any one time is £10,000 per member.